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Billy Ocker ,President

Billy has been capturing the wonders of life through the lens for more than 30 years. Many of his photographs have been shown in state and local media as well as being seen around world wide. He has a mature sense of humor and loves to enjoy life to the fullest. These attributes are visible in his photographic technique. He is well like by the members of the club and the Treasure Coast community as a whole. Truly he is real Treasure Coast Jewel and his enthusiasm for the art, during his tenure and the future, will continue to be contagious for sure.

Joyce Burr,  Vice President
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Joyce has been a resident of Vero Beach for 30 years and a lifelong casual photographer. A few years ago she made the move from point and shoot to digital SLR and discovered a whole new world in the wonders of macro, nature, and creative photography. A healthcare educator and “forever student” Joyce has participated in a variety group photo classes, online and face to face workshops, and IRPC club and community activities. “Joining and participating with the Indian River Photo Club is a great experience, that has helped me to grow my understanding of photography as means of self expression and creativity while providing education, recreation,  a way to meet new people, and a reminder to just get out and shoot!”

Jerry Merritt, Treasurer
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  One dark night at Sebastian pier waiting for a rocket launch which was cancelled. As my wife and I packed up to leave we were startled as we realized that not ten feet away another photographer had been there all along. We met Skip Murphy, and he introduced me to IRPC.

  I'm retired from the Marine Corps and Virginia Beach Schools. My dreamed of career with TWA ended abruptly thanks to a much forgettable heart event. That setback did lead to a rewarding teaching career. I have a BS from U of Nebraska, MS Aero Science form Embry-Riddle, and an MSEd from Old Dominion. We folled our son's family to Florida, and we love the quiet and tranquility of Vero. I now have time to learn and enjoy photography as a hobby.

  I still consider myself a rank amateur, but my experience with IRPC has impressed upon me that the best way to learn is though the truly skilled members who share their knowledge, and photos. Each meeting is teaching me something new and helping me grow my skills.



Barbara (Bobbi) Whitlam

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I moved to Vero Beach in 2011 after living in Ohio for 50 years.

Retired from a Communications Company and currently work part time.

I’ve been a hiker for 20 years hiking through England, New Zealand, Hawaiian Islands, and many places in the US.

I got interested in photography when I got my 1st job as a photographer’ helper at a Kresge’s photo booth. I got to push the button and develop passport and fun pictures; enlarging and tinting pictures was also my responsibility. 

I bought my first 35mm camera at a pawn shop and renewed my interest in personal photography. 

After joining the IRPC it opened my eyes to many opportunities and levels of creativity and expression.  I see things so differently now.

I enjoy the challenges the club offers and have entered many contests outside of the club venue.

 I volunteer at the Hospice Visiting Nurse Association thrift shop 1 day a week as well as manage the position of Treasurer for the Indian River Photo Club.

Tom Doyle, Secretary  

United States Marine Corps, 1954 to 1962, four years active duty, Honorable Discharge 1962 Sergeant Rifle Squad Leader

Police Department, City of New York, 1960 to 1993, retired as a Lieutenant

On leave from NYPD 1987 to 1989 served as Assistant Commissioner for Traffic Enforcement, NYCDOT

On Leave from NYPD 1989 t0 1991 served as Executive Director NYC Medical Emergency Services

1993 to 2000 worked as an emergency services consultant for various companies that built computer aided dispatch systems for Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Service agencies including a two year job in London, U.K. from 1998 to 2000

2000 to present learning photography and won some awards along the way including 2015 Court of Honor Professional Photographers Society of New York State

B.A. Fordham University 1976, History Major

M.S. Columbia University Graduate School of Business 1980, Operations Research

             Louis Ciszek


Louie is a retired professional wedding and portrait photographer.

He received a BA from Michigan State University and advanced certification in professional portrait photography from Winona International School of Photography. He taught advanced outdoor studio and still life photography on the faculty of the Vero Beach Museum of Art and is one of the original founders and lifetime member of the Indian River Photo Club.