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Indian River Photo Club Inc.

All about us

A Brief insight into the Indian River Photo Club as a member of The Treasure Coast Community                                                         

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Membership and Meeting Information          

      What is the Indian River Photo Club All About?

Without exception all photographers have a deep desire to take the best photographs.  The Indian River Photo Club Members are no exception in this desire. The Club Board regularly arranges early admissions to such favored spots as the Brevard & Miami Zoos, the alligator farms at both St. Augustine and Kissimmee, the Bok Tower, Arnold’s Butterfly Haven in Okeechobee and our very own McKee Botanical Garden, plus many others.                       

       In addition, several of our experienced photographer members will hold out-door practical seminars at different locations. They give hands on instruction as a priority, to help teach the less accomplished more about “how to get that perfect shot”. Mentoring is one of our ongoing development projects. Our “Outside The Box” and “Destinations Unknown” activities are ideal learning events.

      The Board is constantly reviewing possible trips and locations in an effort to expand further the selection of destinations we can visit.

        We are a club that was formed to cater to the photographic yearnings of people, young and old, who have discovered they have an interest in photography and would like to expand their capabilities and have some fun while doing so.


        To be a member you do not need to have any special degree of skills, just a wish to learn about and understand the art of photography. No special equipment is needed either, as it does not matter what camera one has or even if you do have a camera at all. The art is in the person not the camera and what is needed is a desire and willingness to learn by participation and association with other like minded colleagues. This can be both at the regular club meetings as well as socially through ones own interactions with fellow shutter bugs you get to know while in the club.


         The club is a not for profit organization, it is important that each member consider giving freely of their time to make the workings and operations of the club a success. The management of the club is undertaken by a board of five/seven members, elected each year.


         Participation from all members is essential, whether it be setting up our meeting venue for instruction, competition or social activities, or facilitating transportation to outings in the field.


        Become a member and enjoy some fun exploring the expansiveness of this growing hobby and pastime,  while honing your camera  techniques. As long as photography is your “thing” we would love to have you join us at our meetings, seminars and safaris. It does not matters if you are a professional photographer, a novice behind the lens, a student of any age, or just looking for something to take up some or your spare time. If you just wish to ask questions and perhaps find a mentor to guide you forward, we can surely help. You will always be welcome.

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